About Us:
The Las Aguas Jungle Lodge is an oasis of
elegance and comfort in the mountains of
Costa Rica's rugged Southern Pacific Zone.  We
are located 40 miles southeast of Manuel
Antonio National Park. Our remote location and
ample facilities provide an intimate setting,
perfect for special events such as commitment
ceremonies, weddings, group getaways and

The unspoiled ecology hosts abundant wildlife
and natural treasures. Monkeys and toucans
visit regularly and the scarlet macaws have
recently returned to the mountains above Las
Aguas.   The primary and secondary forests
around the lodge provide varied recreational
activities and our mountain location provides
warm days and cool nights with unparalleled
views of the Emerald  Valley.  The lodge has an
open air architecture to maximize the views
and the appreciation of  nature.  We have eight
guest suites/rooms, bar, cafe, nightly dining,
cinema/media room, High speed internet with
Wi- Fi, pool/spa, work out center and tropical
gardens with giant chess.  There are hiking
trails and waterfalls in the forest surrounding
the lodge.

Your hosts, Stephen, Henry, Cesar and Viviana  
welcome you to visit Las Aguas.  With the help
of 8 dedicated staff members they insure a
most memorable ceremony for you and your

We celebrate our first anniversary of providing
excellent hospitality and attentive service to
our guests.
Contact us at  
1.305.677.9807  to discuss how
we can help you realize your own
dreams of a ceremony in paradise