Due to the architecture of the main lodge and the terrain
around Las Aguas, guests should be able to climg a set of
stairs and walk distances of at least a 10 meters on a gentle
incline. We maintain roads, bridges, stairs and trails for our
guests to move more safely about the property. The rocks
along the river banks and muddy forested areas can be
EXTREMLY SLIPPERY. Guests are cautioned to avoid
walking or climbing on any wet rocks or muddy areas.
Serious injury may result from a fall.

The possibility of interaction with dangerous wildlife always
exists in a jungle setting. Guests must accept to visit the
resort at their own risk.

Environmentally damaging materials, hunting, styrofoam, and
other non recyclable packagings, are prohibited at Las Aguas
Jungle Lodge.  Water and energy saving efforts are of
paramount importance and we encourage our guests to
respect our "green" conservation policies.  Towels and linens
are changed at guest request.  We encourage guests to reuse
their plastic water bottles and will fill any container for free
with our purified spring water.

Our resort is gay owned and has a straight  friendly policy .  
are comfortable in an environment of diversity and
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